Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Push Up Bras

Sometimes, you need a Push Up Bra for life. Just something to give a little boost and make you feel perkier and bubbly.

Lately, I have used this theory on my day to day living and it seems to be helping. In a sense having this in my head, make me my own push up life bra. I wake up and instead of thinking how awful it is that my children aren't sleeping through the night and have decided to wake me at 6 a.m. or earlier. I try to list off the things I love about mornings with my children.

1. The way they smell. It's very close to how they smelled as babies. All squish, drool and dew from the sweaty night. It's beautiful.

2. Hair. It's simply out of control. Especially Isabella, even with the new hair cut, it stands straight up in back and gets so knotted I can't believe it. Adrien's is usually standing up on the side that he slept on. We're growing his out right now for winter, so it's getting longer and more funny.

3. Monster Noises. This is how they always wake me up. It's not nice, it's not quiet. They are monsters. They are morning wake up monsters on a mission to get this Mama out of her warm covers and up to the cold fridge for milk, yogurt and toast with honey.

4. The snuggles. I always get snuggles in the morning and kisses, lots of snuggles and kisses happen here.

5. Knowing that no matter how early it is, I have another day with these beautiful, fascinating tiny people that I wouldn't have had if they weren't here.

Those are things that make it easy. The push up for my mornings and the rest of my day because at the end of it, they are all that matter... making those two little people healthy, functional and nurtured. To make sure they feel confident enough in themselves to go out in the world and be exactly who they need to be, without doubt or guilt.

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Melody said...

I couldn't agree more!! The days are so much easier when I focus on the simply wonderful things about have two toddles. When I focus on how exhausting,challenging, and frustrating it is...well, it's just doesn't do anybody any good!

For now, I think we're going to hang onto our car seats as a back up for my hubby's car. Are you in need of some?