Friday, October 23, 2009

What it's about now

OK. I read that drunken blog... sheesh. At first I was totally appalled at myself and just about deleted it. Then I thought, you know what?! No, this is what my life is now. Mistakes and learning and the ups and the downs of becoming single and having to learn to navigate through it all without totally and completely fucking up. Right? If you can't be honest what are you capable of? Nothing and everything...

So this blog, which started as a hopeful journey through motherhood and a way to communicate the exciting ups and downs of it with my family and friends has now turned into a dry and honest chronicle of both motherhood and the dating adventures I experience... the just basic and weird and dirty secrets that maybe some should read and some shouldn't. But I am going ot try to be honest about the stuff I do or I guess... have done.

I will say that "one" night stand was months ago, and I have so, so totally learned my lesson... But, I went out with friends the other night from work and he showed up, hence the blog.


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