Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I do not know what to write about these days. A lot of it has to do with a very busy schedule and some of it has to do with the fact that I am mostly just waiting. Waiting until Sunday.

Sunday will be a good day. Maybe not for him, right away... but for the rest of us. Yes! Sunday, bloody Sunday. It can't come sooner is all I have to say!

As for the rest of it. This past Sunday I picked up my absolute best friend in the entire world from the airport. She was in India for three and a half weeks. First, INDIA!! Land of Ganesha, the elephant God. Second, INDIA!! How freakin' cool, eh?!

And finally, INDIA!! Meg and I talk at least once a day when she is home. She is my support, my friend, my sister. We met while working at Microsoft together and have been besties ever since. Three and a half weeks of no talking. No sharing. Nothing. It was traumatizing to say the least. We both survived and now of course, have only more to talk about.

Upon finally finding her at the airport... (she left without giving me any flight info except that she came in at twelve... very Megan!) We went straight to her parents house and she dispersed amazing gifts. Then, off to our favorite thing in the world. Sushi! Usually, Megan and I eat sushi when we are hung over, feeling good or just want to go out to eat. When we got into my car and I asked if she was hungry, "SUSHI!" was the excited response. You'd think she would be sick of rice, but not Megan. Poor Meg ate sushi and ran errands smelling like a 24 hour flight, hence the "haggardness" of this picture. Granted I just see Megan. Don't let her fool you, that flannel is not reserved for flying it is just one in a wardrobe consisting of many, many flannel shirts. I've never met anyone who loves flannel more.

Ah, it is so good to have my friend back! And thanks, Megan for all the beautiful elephant gifts!

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