Thursday, January 7, 2010

oh well.

Well, it's Thursday and no return phone call. That's life, eh.

On another note, the kids are sick. Not overwhelmingly sick, just runny noses and grumpy outlooks on the day sick. Right now they are both very willingly going down for naps after getting into a huge fight over a pillow.

Watching the two of them interact these days is quite interesting. They are both exiting the "baby/toddler" phase and growing into "children". They fight with words and with their feet, which actually makes it easier to break the fights up. When both are fighting and hurting each other I can say to them that they need to stop, that both of them were in the wrong and that both of them get time outs and they understand. They calm down and they do on their time outs.

Once they are asleep, I am going to clean the house and take a shower. Tonight I am going to a show for Levi in Ballard with some friends. I am really looking forward to it and can't wait to see Levi again.

P.S. I really am a bit dissapointed but there just isn't any point in dwelling on it, right?


Melody said... SUCKS!!! Sorry, friend.

On a happier note, LOVE the new look!!!!!!!!!

Jessica said...

Thanks Melody! And yes, dating sucks!