Friday, January 1, 2010

Thinking of New

I have been thinking lately of my grandmother. How she taught us to try and move forward with our lives even through the bad. To help others and to give love to everyone.

Yesterday, a new day, a new year I woke up in a new place, near someone new.*(see below) I felt enriched with a new sense of myself and where my life is going. I don't know quite what it is but for some amazing and beautiful reason I have just been meeting some of the most inspiring people. I know that I keep saying this but it just keeps happening. Everyday I have had intense and personal interactions with at least one person, if not more. The people I have met and talked to are kind, honest and beautiful. They are moving. What's more is how much perfect strangers are able to just let go and talk. They talk about things that are so private and personal.
A friend and I were talking about it today as I gave her a ride home. Her input is that when you feel good and happy about yourself, where you are and where you are going you put that energy out into the world and it is given back.

I like that, don't you?

I feel like it is something my Grandmother would have liked too.

*No, this does not mean that I slept with this person. Get your mind outta the gutter! (lol)

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