Friday, May 2, 2008

1 Month

In one month, my family and I will be moving to a different house. Our landlord has decided to sell this one. As frustrating as moving with two little ones is going to be, I am relieved. I have been wanting us to move for some time now. Our little two bedroom,1 bathroom upstairs apartment has not been very comfortable lately. Adrien needs a place to run around and I need a place to do my gardening and my crafts. I need a place to find my sanity again. A place to take a deep breath and know that in the end we are going to be able to buy our own house and build my dream kitchen, Scott's barn and my off house studio. Right now in this apartment, I feel like I might be suffocating. I read the letter from our landlord yesterday and felt a tremondous surge of relief and fresh air. Scott on the other hand has been a stress bug and I keep hearing him sigh with irritation and tiredness at the task ahead of us. I have already started packing. I hope that maybe together we will be able to get this moving thing done with as little hurt as possible. We sometimes have a tenancy to say things we don't mean when stressed out. I have already made two appointments for us on Sunday to look at some houses up the hill and hopefully one of them will work out. I really, really love the kitchen in one of them. Plus, they both have a yard, which quite frankly looks like a little slice of heaven at the moment.
On another note, I have been searching for my bike and think that maybe I found just the right one in my price range and am taking the day to think about it. I can't wait to be able to get out of this neighborhood with the kids. We can go to parks and have picnics and look around and be outside for a much larger portion of our day. The excitement is already running through my fingers and toes.

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