Saturday, May 24, 2008

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Goodness!! We are finally in our house, and we love it!! The space, the garden, the environment... OH it is such a wonderful thing!! I can not tell you the amount of relief that I feel knowing that Adrien can just go outside and play for once. It is worth so much more to me than anything else.

That being said, I am so frustrated with out internet provider!! I called before we moved to see if they offered service at the address where we moved and they typed it into the computer and said yes. So... I dragged my pathetic little modem thing around my entire house this past Tuesday looking for a signal and nothing, nada, zilch! So I call and they say "oh, we just tested that area last week and you don't get service there, you need to cancel your contract. It is going to be two hundred dollars." TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS!!! WHAT THE HECK?!

Umm... no. So I explained quite nicely to this telephone operator that I refuse to pay that much when I had called and checked. I was told yes... blah blah blah... eventually this lady says well, let me see if I can get a supervisor for you, REBECCA. MY NAME IS JESSICA!!! Jeez. They can't even remember my name. I am still a paying customer the last time I looked at my checking account. So, she told me that a supervisor would call me that night.

The next afternoon I finally hear from someone, who is such a jerk that I have trouble imagining him in any employment for very long at all. After twenty five minutes of having to repeat myself over and over again because he kept asking me the same questions I finally told him that I would like to speak to someone who is actually physically capable of listening and responding to what someone is saying to them. I am sick of listening to people talk just to hear themselves, especially when it is a customer service oriented job! Finally I got through to someone who understood what was happening. I told them that I was willing to pay half the disconnection fee but definitely not all of it on account of I had called and checked and wasted my time looking for a connection. And that I had had to deal with two days of bad service from his people. He understood and gave me one better, YIPPEE!!! So, here I sit at my MIL's house for the weekend and am typing this hopefully as quickly as is possible, I am quite frustrated so please forgive my long windedness.

We now have to wait for a tech guy to come out to the property in two weeks to set up the new service, so I will be offline for quite sometime. I will update as soon as possible and as often as possible.

In the meantime I hope everyone has some good weather and enjoys the rest of spring. Have a great day!

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