Wednesday, May 7, 2008

quilting and packing

For the past few weeks I have been working on a quilt for Isabella. Yesterday the batting I ordered from came. I was so excited! The batting itself is beautiful. SO much better than the batting I have found here my area. It's thin 100% cotton and so so soft! The type of quilt that I did was really simple, but did challenge me considering it was my first one.
It was just an applique quilt and I think that looking at it now it could have been done easier and better. But you live you learn, right? When we get into our new place, I am going to make Adrien a quilt and then finally a quilt for Scott and I. I have already been hunting fabrics online and have found a few options here (in the indigo and aegan 46 colors) and here (the teal acanthus one). Also, this one looks good too. I can do up to five different fabrics on this quilt, but I think that might be a bit challenging for me. So I am going to keep it simple at three. I seem to be gravatating more towards the blues and greens and a few florals. I am tempted to ask Scott's opinion but that would be like asking a wall for something to drink. It just doesn't happen.

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