Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Cheese Man

I have a crush on the cheese man at our local Whole Foods. I guess it's actually more like a food crush. I love cheese and the cheese section at our Whole Foods is amazing. The parmigiana reggiano is to die for, they always have free samples and don't even get me started on the mozzarella... You see my Grandmother was 100% Italian and taught me how to cook, I love cheese on almost everything. It adds such a unique texture, flavor and aroma that can't be beat.
So, when I go to Whole Foods and I browse the cheese section for the mandatory 20 minutes, the cheese man always asks me if he can help me with anything... and he is so nice and sweet about it and best of all he smells like cheese. Scott says my face just lights up every time. I know that I am disgusting you can say it.

Other than that though I just love to go grocery shopping, I walk into a well stocked grocery with my mouth watering. Especially in the summer. Summer time is my favorite time to cook. Well, except for one dish that is a winter only thing.. but you'll hear of that soon enough. I can't go into a store without my head being flooded with great meal ideas and desserts and experimental twists on old favorites. It's an addiction that I will never give up.

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