Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Things are moving along

Well now, everything here is moving along. Yesterday we went to MaryMoor park for some fun. I like that park more than the ones closer to me because the play structure is set back beyond some grassy fields and far away from the street or cars. The parks in Issaquah are all very close to the street or parking lots and I get worried when I take the kids to the park by myself because if Adrien were to just break free and start running, it would take me just a second longer to catch up because I wear Izzy. Marymoor is always a safe bet for him and me.
Yesterday was especially fun as we met a little boy, Duncan and his Mommy, Tracy. Duncan and Adrien got a long really well despite the fact that Duncan is one year older than him. Tracy was very nice and we hit it off immediately. So now we have a tentative play date set up for this weekend. I am very excited, it will be Adrien's first play date and hopefully my first friend here in Washington. Between having babies and the weather here it has been kind of a quiet few years for us here. So I will keep you updated as far as the playdate goes.

Other than that, Adrien is working on putting himself back to sleep in the middle of the night. So far it is going quite well. If I can calm him down and then walk away it usually only takes about twenty minutes. This is down from 1 hour last week, so we are getting better. Izzy is adjusting her schedule as well for less night time feedings. I have to tell you that it is working out great, except that my breasts are the size of bowling balls again.
I got a new bra in the mail yesterday, so I washed it today with a delicate load. As I was pulling it out of the washer it came with a bib attached. So now my new, smooth bra is somewhat ruined and bumpy. I am very dissapointed. But now I have a reason to go get another one!

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Melody said...

Those blasted bibs!! I have had too many clothes ruined from that stupid velcro. I have started washing the bibs with the towels. That seems to have fixed the problem.