Monday, April 21, 2008

Sleepless in Seattle

Scott left again last night for his third week of training. After this week we have one more to get through and then he is home on a regular basis, again. I think the kids are taking it worse and worse every time. Last night neither one of them slept very well. I thought I was doing great, they were both in bed and asleep by 8 pm, which is what I try to do every night. Then at around 9, Adrien woke up and started screaming and screaming, which woke up Izzy. So, at that point once I calmed Adrien down I just let him be and went to take care of Izzy. Well, it took Adrien 2 hours before he fell asleep, on the floor in front of his door. Then he woke up again at 4 am and I was so exhausted because Izzy had been awake a few times too, she has a tooth coming in. I just took him to bed with me. I hate doing that because I have finally broken him of sleeping in our bed and I am afraid that he will think it's normal. Yikes! I was just so tired. I am still so tired, they have to go down again soon or I think I might pass out....

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