Friday, April 4, 2008

UGH! I think I jinxed it yesterday by talking about how beautiful it was here. I woke up this morning to screaming babies and Rain. I was really hoping it would be beautiful again, today. I am going bike "preshopping" this weekend. What I do, is I go check some stuff out, possibly try things on, like a new helmet, or a cute pair of bike pants and shirt, etc. Then I write everything down that I wanted, how much it is going to cost and I think about what I really, really truly want. I am doing this because next week we are expecting out return to be blissfully deposited into our checking account and I am FINALLY getting my new bike. I have not had a bike in three years and a new bike since I was 15. Needless to say, I feel I am due. I can't wait, the one that I want is sort of a hybrid bike. It is more a road bike than a mountain bike, which is good for what I will be using it for. But, it has a straight handle bar with crank gears, I love crank gears. I can't handle it when I have to move my thumb and the whole placement of my hand just to switch gears. The only downside to my bike of choice is it's seat. Off the floor, my bike comes with the tiniest peace of barely squishy seat I have ever seen. I on the other hand have a big butt, not too big mind, but big enough. It has been known to make my husband burst into "I like big butts and I cannot lie...." at random, sometimes inconvenient moments. So, I will be searching this weekend for a bigger and squishier bike seat, as well. Scott's bike is going to take a trip to the bike shop, his gears need fixing and we are going to get a bike trailer for the kids. It is more than exciting. I have already set a goal for myself which I think is highly reasonable. Next February there is a 30 some odd mile bike race called The Chilly Hilly. It is my goal. I am going to train all summer and as much of the winter as I can.

On another note, I have recently purchased Jessica Seinfeild's Deceptively Delicious. So far I have made brownies with Carrot and Spinach, pretty good. However a little flat, and I would recommend eating them with the chocolate dusted on top as it is in the picture. I have made Macaroni & Cheese with Cauliflower, this was amazing. Scott even said that I have to make it once a week until he gets sick of it. Yesterday, I made oatmeal raisin cookies with Banana and Zucchini, those were good but tasted like little mini zucchini breads, so I call them zucchini cookies. I made hamburgers with mushroom and zucchini and even though the flavor of these was ok, I am going to mess around with this recipe, the hamburgers are a bit mushy. The other item that we had for dinner this week was Pork Chops with Granny Smith Apples. I love this recipe even though I hate pork. The flavor is amazing and I like to cook it with some brown rice and make a yummy salad.

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