Wednesday, April 9, 2008

ugh..night 3 day 3

Ok... last night super sucked. Adrien just didn't want to sleep and ended up "resting" wildly in my bed, with Izzy. I don't know how it happened, to be honest that I woke up with both of them in bed with me. I think Adrien probably came in all of his own accord because I left his bedroom door open last night. Izzy and I were on the very, very edge of the bed and Adrien's butt was in my face with one foot over my head. It wasn't exactly what I would call comfortable.

I see the sun outside for the first time in way too many days and I can't wait to get the kids out there today. We are going to go for a very, very long walk. I have high hopes that maybe they will both crash at 5 tonight and not wake up until 10 tomorrow.... in my dreams.

off to make coffee... lots and lots of coffee.

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