Monday, April 28, 2008

The Zoo

Well, between getting kids the ready, all the stuff that follows kids ready and ourselves, we finally made it to the zoo on Saturday around 11:30 am. I was hoping more for a 10:00 am arrival, but you do what you can. Adrien had a great time, we started out looking at the birds and the gorillas in the temperate forest area. Our ultimate goal being the place where you feed the birds... but that never happened. We took a pit stop and nursing session at the Zoomazium, which is absolutely awesome!!

I wish that every place that you take kids had an area like that. That would be so great. Adrien and Scott played and Izzy ate while I relaxed. I have never felt more rejuvinated from twenty minutes of resting in my life. That is until another child vomited all over the place. Yucky! So, we headed back out in search of the feeding area and Adrien had an absolute temper tantrum right there in the middle of the walkway. OK, we say we're seasoned, the Doc says to just make sure he is safe and let him ride it out. After twenty minutes of trying to not let him out of the stroller (that was why he was throwing the fit... he wanted out) and a man telling us that was why they make liquor! Scott gave in and let me try. So I am sitting there and trying to be as oblivious to him as well as all the stares we are getting. I wait and I wait and I wait some more. Ten more minutes.
I'm sitting there and I look at Scott because I don't know what to do. Adrien is hysterical, he has absolutely just gone off the deep end of tantrum town and is screaming for all he's worth. I squirted some water on his face. WHOA! it worked, silence. He is staring at the water bottle like "What the HECK?" It was great. I know, I felt mean doing it, believe me.
But my kid has been known to go on for hours and hours. We couldn't sit there for that long, the zoo was going to close. So, I did it and it worked. He calmed down and we were able to do a bit more walking before we left. Adrien even started to smile and laugh again after a few minutes. Maybe I'm a bad mom and maybe I'm not, but all I know is that he ended up having a great time and hopefully won't remember.

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